Lori Butts, JD, PhD

Dr. Lori J. Butts is President and Director of the Clinical and Forensic Institute, Inc., with offices in Broward and West Palm Beach, Florida. She is a Florida licensed Psychologist, with specializations in clinical and forensic psychology; she is also a member of the Florida Bar Association. After graduating from Clemson University with Honors, Dr. Butts received her law and doctoral psychology degrees from the innovative jointly sponsored program by Villanova School of Law and Drexel University Department of Clinical Psychology. She completed her internship in clinical and forensic psychology at New York University School of Medicine, Bellevue Hospital, and Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Hospital. She began her career with the Clinical & Forensic Institute, Inc. of Davie, Florida initially by fulfilling her residency requirements, later being appointed as Treatment Director for the R.E.A.C.H. program, and eventually accepting her position as President and Director of the Clinical & Forensic Institute, Inc.

Dr. Butts is a qualified expert in legal competency, insanity, penalty phase, and risk assessment cases. In addition, she works closely with various state and federal entities to provide a multitude of services encompassing jury consultation and jury education; jury selection, including the utilization of focus groups; witness preparation; case consultation; forensic evaluation; expert testimony on competency, mental state at time of the offense, alternative sentencing and downward departure; case review and annotation; direct examination and cross examination; individual, family, and group therapy; and behavioral medicine interventions.

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