Clinical & Forensic Institute, Inc. (CFI) provides a comprehensive array of clinical and forensic psychological services in both English and Spanish. With expertise in numerous psychological fields of study, CFI offers comprehensive clinical treatment for individuals, families, couples, and groups for various issues including: substance abuse, gambling, sex and pornography addiction, sexual-offense specific treatment, athlete performance improvement and family mediation. We also offer a broad range of clinical assessments and psychological testing.

Our staff conducts assessments related to criminal legal proceedings such as competency to stand trial, competency to waive Miranda, mental state at the time of the offense, death penalty mitigation, psycho-sexual evaluations, and sentencing evaluations. We also conduct forensic assessments related to civil legal proceedings such as evaluations to determine if an individual has suffered psychological damages related to a physical injury and psychological effects related to assorted types of victimization.

Additionally, CFI offers sexual-offense specific psychotherapy through our REACH program (Responsibility through Effort, Awareness, Self-Criticism and Honesty) program. CFI has been committed to treating individuals in South Florida for their offending behavior for over 25 years. CFI also offers a treatment program to address inappropriate behaviors related to sexuality called LIMITS (Logic, Insight, Mindfulness, Integrity, Truth, and Safety). CFI is dedicated to treating you and your loved ones with the respect and dignity that people deserve. Rest assured that if you come to us for individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, addiction therapy, sex addiction therapy, or sexual offender treatment, your specific needs and treatment goals will be addressed.